Thursday, September 17, 2009

i'm buying a new house!

well, what i should say is that my boyfriend and i are buying a new house! i'm so excited; we close on tuesday. now, i'm also hesitate to say it out loud because our closing date has been moved twice already, and the buyer of my boyfriend place financing almost fell though, but as of right now, it is a go...
i love this house! i mean, love this house! it's my dream house because it is a comtemporary...i love how it isn't just a square house. i think it's perfect.

anyhow, i am moving next week...packing sunday and monday and moving tuesday and unpacking wednesday and thursday. you know what this means? i can't take any special orders next week. i will still be at the williston farmers' market this saturday and next saturday, but i can't fill any orders thoughout the week. and because of the article in the champlain business journal, i've already had to say no to 4 people who have called or emailed me asking for cupcakes for next week. it bums me out...i don't like saying no, but...i'm moving into my dream house!

flavors for this week at the williston farmers' market will be:

dreamsicle-orange cupcake with vanilla buttercream topped with an orange jelly belly;

peanut butter and jelly-peanut butter cupcake with roasted peanuts with peanut butter frosting topped with a dollop of strawberry jam and more roasted peanuts;

hot chocolate-chocolate cupcake with marshmallow buttercream topped with mini marshmallows.

i hope to see you there!


  1. Congratulations, Michelle! The house looks beautiful, and I'll keep my fingers crossed that everything goes smoothly with the closing and move. Looking forward to trying this week's flavors on Saturday...

  2. Congratulations. Love the house, it is too cute. I'm happy for you.

  3. Congrats Michelle -- that's great. Will you still be in Hinesburg? Hopefully finally get to meet you at the market tomorrow!

  4. No, the new house is in Westford. I'm looking forward to meeting you, too!

  5. i thought it looked familiar! is it wooden post and beam inside with a fireplace? i looked at those condos a few years ago when i was on the house hunt. i loved them, but went for a closer option.

  6. it's an actual house, not a condo, but it does have a fireplace though :)

  7. That’s a very rustic-looking home! I love it! And just by staring at it, I can feel the calmness and the fresh air it offers. I’m glad that you finally have your dream home. How does your home look now after almost 3 years of living there?

    -.Lakisha Zimmerer

  8. Your dream house looks like it’s made of pretzels! I’m now craving for some chocolates too! By the way, how did you find this house? I’m happy that you finally found your dream home. Congrats!

    -Justin Bill

  9. Oh, wow! This is indeed a beautiful house. It looks fun and relaxing. The outside deck looks fantastic! Everyone would enjoy having a party out there especially during summer. Non-stop partying with barbecue and beer sounds like fun, eh? :))

    Sara Owens