Friday, October 30, 2009

ms cupcakes club-bonus round-halloween cupcakes!

halloween is my favorite holiday! i've make a bunch of different cupcakes these past couple of weeks in the spirit of halloween.
fauxstess cupcake
vanilla squared topped with spiders
and dirt topped with gummy worms!
happy halloween!


  1. Great job on your Halloween cupcakes! They look wonderful! I think my favorites are the fauxstess cupcakes :)

  2. Awesome cupcakes! I agree with Tracey, I really like the fauxstess cupcakes!

  3. Great job on the cupcakes! I also really like the fauxstess cupcakes!

  4. Wow, you have been busy! They look delish, I want a bite of the Hostess cupcake! What recipe did you use?

  5. I love the worm cupcakes the best! Great job! It looks too creepy to eat! :)

  6. What great cupcakes! You are very creative, something for everyone at the party! Great job, very fun to visit and see what you did with the assignment, too.