Thursday, October 8, 2009

my first and only tiered cake...

see this cake? it's kinda pretty, right? well, this cake is the reason i don't make tiered cakes, ever. this cake took 9 hours to make, and i probably said the f-word more times while making this cake than i ever have in my entire life. people naturally assume i make cake, since i have a cupcake business, but this cake is the reason i don't...i just don't have the patience, and i admire anyone who does!


  1. Well, that cake is awfully pretty, not exactly an advertisement for you not making cakes. And based on the MANY little cupcakes I've eaten, I'm sure it not only looked amazing, it tasted great, too.

  2. That cake is beautiful AND it has a tiara on top. What more could a girl/boy need???