Monday, February 15, 2010

msc-s'mores cupcakes!

this month, mary ann from meet me in the kitchen picked s'mores cupcakes. okay, i must admit, i'm kinda cheating this month because i've already made these cupcakes...and let me tell me, they are a huge hit! i actually made them a couple of times last summer for the farmers' market and they sold out both times!
i opted not to make the very complicated-sounding cooked gelatin frosting, instead making a yummy marshmallow fluff frosting. i also added a hunk of hershey chocolate to each cupcake and sprinkled each with crushed graham crackers.


  1. REally? They sold out? That almost makes me want to try them again. My cupcake turned out so dry and dense. I loved the topping though. Great idea on the little chocolate bar!

  2. Wow, I'm glad yours were so delicious! My cupcakes were super dense too - I don't know what went wrong. I love the way you decorated them - they definitely scream s'mores :)

  3. oooh, they look great!! I'm so glad they were such a hit!!!

  4. Your s'mores cupcakes look totally awesome!

    Will you share your fluffy marshmallow frosting recipe? Please?

    Thanks for baking along!