Sunday, February 28, 2010

new cupcake cookbook!

i was so excited to find this cupcake cookbook at the christmas tree shop for $3.99. i've seen it before, but it's always been about $13. one thing i love about it so much is that it has a photo of every recipe; i absolutely love when cookbooks have a photo for every recipe and won't buy a cookbook if it doesn't have a photo for most recipes.

i decided to try out two new recipes that looked really yummy. first was the malted milk cupcake. i already have a malted milk cupcake availabe, but it consists of a chocolate cupcake with malted milk frosting. this cupcake has malted milk and brown sugar in the cupcake recipe. this photo is the photo from the cookbook...i think the frosting is too simple, but i love the chocolate chips in the cupcake!
the second recipe is really adorable and with easter on its way, i thought this cupcake would be perfect. it's basically a vanilla cupcake with toasted coconut made to look like a bird's nest. it's topped with a little candy egg.

this is how my malted milk cupcake turned out...i piped the frosting out with a decorating tip and topped the cupcake with a whopper. the verdict: the cupcake is too sweet! i think i'm going to stick with the chocolate cupcake with the malted milk frosting.

this is how the bird's nest cupcake turned out. i think it's really cute and really yummy. look for this cupcake as easter approaches...

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