Thursday, February 2, 2012

Once in every life

It has been said that every little girl dreams of her wedding day. She imagines the jaw-dropping gown, prince charming standing in front of her, and a reception to top all other receptions. Everything is perfect in her mind; every little detail is just so, nothing is out of place.

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Okay, not everyone can have the wedding that Prince William and Kate Middleton had. But little girls still like to dream. And like every little kid, centered at the fantasy is the delicious wedding cake; what kid doesn't dream of cake? But maybe that little girl dreamt of an unusual wedding cake, something different, something unique, something special. If this girl sounds like you, then my little cupcake is the place for you. Cupcakes as wedding cakes is an up-and-coming trend, as many brides learned at the WOKO Bridal, Health & Beauty Expo this past Sunday, January 29. Cupcakes are in; they allow for more variety in cake flavors, they add a bit of whimsy to any occasion, and you can do so much with them.

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Image of my little cupcake at the expo

All of this helped attract the eager brides to our table. Well that, and the three tier display of cupcakes. Our motto for the day became: "Try our cupcakes, they're not fake," which immediately earned us some laughs. But once the reviews came in, everyone was happy. Some brides already had my little cupcake in mind for their wedding, others were mighty curious. Brides, and their entourage, were excited to learn of the different applications cupcakes could have at a wedding. They can act as the main wedding cake/cake display, they can be a supporting act to the main show, or our cupcakes could be a fun twist on a dessert bar. But thats not all, one bride said that she loved the idea of cupcakes because you could have a bite, without feeling a commitment to an entire cake. We did run into a few brides who wanted to have the tradition of cutting the cake in their reception. The good news is, we offer a 6-inch cutting cake for those such brides. **

Image taken by Sarah Cutler, my little cupcake

And with that, those little girls that had dreamt of their fantasy wedding, finally got to plan it. They exchanged their traditional wedding cake for whimsical, yet elegant cupcakes, and rode off into the sunset with their prince charming. At least that is how I was told the story goes.

Stay sweet,

my little cupcake

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