Thursday, February 9, 2012

You can have your cupcake, and wear it too.

Did you know you can wear my little cupcake? You can wear us anytime and anywhere you want! Maybe you like wearing us at the beach, or to go bowling. You might even like wearing my little cupcake in our store. That's right devoted cupcake-eater, you can own your very own my little cupcake t-shirt! Below is a picture of one of our employees, Gabby, wearing a pink version of our signature shirt.

Image taken by my little cupcake

Our shirts also come in blue and white and men's and children's sizes. We always have a variety of sizes in stock. We even make onesies for that special little baby in your life. Now you really can call that special someone "cupcake". Along with a gift card to our bakery, it's the perfect Valentine's Day gift!

Don't have time to run to another store to get a card for your lucky valentine? Well you're in luck. Right at the end of the counter is a rack of various cards and after a few moments you find a card that is so adorably cute, you know your sweetie will smile. We even have a HUGE selection of unique pens and pencil cases! Pictured below are just some of your choices.

Image taken by my little cupcake

You have everything you could possibly need, plus a few cupcakes for yourself! All in all, a successful trip to my little cupcake.

In the future, you will remember my little cupcake for your adorable needs. There is plenty more you can get: like a coffee mug, or novelty toppers for sprucing up your cupcakes, or stickers and bags and trays, oh my! If you are daring enough, you could even grab a picture with Edward, our lovely t-shirt model and employee of the year(s).

Image taken by my little cupcake

Whatever your need,  my little cupcake will do our best to help you find the perfect gift for your little cupcake!

Stay sweet,

my little cupcake

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