Thursday, May 17, 2012

cupcake sundaes!

Did you hear the news!? my little cupcake now has a creemee machine at our Essex bakery! Could anything be better than cupcakes AND ice cream??
ashley and a delicious creemee!
We offer creemees Thursdays through Sundays to our loyal customers. We have two flavors: vanilla and chocolate (and of course the twist!) and you can choose sprinkles to top them on either a cone or in a cup. We even offer cupcake sundaes! Choose your favorite flavor cupcake and top it with your choice of ice cream and toppings! Yum!
Creemees are specific to Vermont and parts of upstate New York. Other states know creemees as soft-serve ice cream. While they may look the same on the outside, there are subtle differences between creemees and soft-serve ice cream: a creemee has a higher butterfat content than regular soft-serve. But that’s fine by us-they are just so delicious!
So bring the family, bring your friends, and start your summer off right with cupcakes and a creemee!
4 carmichael street, suite 101, essex junction, vt (open mon-tues 11-6; wed-thurs 10-6; fri-sat 10-8; and sun 11-4)

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