Saturday, June 20, 2009

another great day at the williston farmers' market!

today was another fun day at the williston farmers' market; thank you everyone for coming out! although i didn't sell out today (i had 14 left), i did sell more than i did last week! and i did sell out of the maple walnut bacon. i think that it is so awesome that so many people were willing to give it a try, and that so many people were so excited about it! although there were a few people that did look at me strangely while saying, "is that bacon?" it was a definite hit, and i'll probably do it at least once again this summer. another hit today were the frosting shots! look for those every week from now on...

1 comment:

  1. Everything looks and sounds delicious!!
    I'm thinking of doing a few of our local farmer's markets, but I'm not sure I want to shut down the shop to go.
    PS with the amount of toppings and little extras on your cc's, I think you should charge more!!