Sunday, June 14, 2009

new cupcake prices...

okay, i hate to do this, but i have to increase my cupcakes prices a bit. the cupcake baking takes a really, really long time (between 7-8 hours for 120 cupcakes, longer if i'm doing donuts and cookies to add to the top), plus the time at the market with set up and tear the costs of actual ingredients; well, the math just doesn't work. the thing is, i love baking cupcakes and being at the farmers' market so much, i'd probably do it for free, but if i'd like to make this my full time job one day and save up to open a cupcake bakery, i have to make a little money. i think that if i'm going to do it, i should do it now since the market just opened a couple of weeks ago. so, the new prices will be one cupcake=$1.25, 3 cupcakes=$3.50, 6 cupcakes=$6.50, and 12 cupcakes=$12.00. if you've ordered cupcakes from me for an upcoming event, this price increase does not apply :)

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