Thursday, June 18, 2009

flavors for saturday at the williston farmers' market!

according to an email that i received this morning from wcax, rain showers should stay confined more to our southern areas on saturday...this is great news!

flavors this saturday at the williston farmers' market will be:
sundae-vanilla cupcake with vanilla butter cream, chocolate drizzle, sprinkles, nuts and a cherry on top (i will also make a few without nuts).

fauxstess (for natalie :)-my version of the hostess cupcake-chocolate cupcake stuffed with marshmallow vanilla buttercream, dipped in chocolate ganache with a vanilla swirl on top.

maple-walnut-vermont maple and walnut cupcake with vermont maple frosting sprinkled with walnuts.

maple-walnut bacon-vemont maple, walnut and bacon cupcake with vermont maple frosting sprinkle with bacon and definitely have to try one of these, they are really yummy, but...i'm only going to make 25 of them, so get one before they are gone! i hope to see you there!

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