Thursday, April 5, 2012

A very happy unbirthday to you!

Here at my little cupcake, we just love celebrating birthdays. In fact, we even have a cupcake called birthday cake (pictured below)! It is a vanilla cake with chocolate buttercream and rainbow sprinkles.

Courtesy of my little cupcake

This week we were lucky enough to celebrate two birthdays in house. Michelle and Stephanie, the co-owners of my little cupcake, celebrated both of their birthdays two days apart! This past Tuesday was Michelle's birthday, and today is Stephanie's birthday! That makes the next 360-some-odd-days their unbirthday! So if you come in today, wish Stephanie a very happy birthday. If you come in tomorrow....wish our entire staff a happy UNbirthday. 

Don't forget, if it is your birthday, then come in for a free mini cupcake (with proof on your ID!). If it isn't your birthday, then a very happy unbirthday to you!

Courtesy of google images

Stay sweet,

my little cupcake

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