Thursday, April 12, 2012

We love coffee.

It is no secret that here at my little cupcake we love sweets. We clearly love cupcakes, but we also love pairing our cupcakes with delicious drinks. We remember the times when we were younger and a glass of milk was the perfect choice. But as we have grown, our tastes have changed and our choice of beverage has changed. Now, we love coffee with our cupcakes! (but we still have milk for those who still prefer it!)

Image courtesy of my little cupcake

In both of our bakeries we sell local, artisan-roasted coffee from Black River Roasters. Black River Roasters specializes in "organic and Fair Trade certified coffees, as well as ultra-premium coffees sourced from small-yield cooperatives and estates." It is a socially responsible company that wants to provide a delicious cup of coffee in environmentally friendly ways. Black River Roasters is located in Burlington, Vermont and New Jersey. Here at the bakery, we have our own special "bakery blend" that we french press for customers. It's strong with some fruity undertones- and perfect with that mini cupcake.

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Not many of our customers know that we have espresso drinks in our Burlington store too! We can make you a straight shot of espresso for that afternoon pick-me-up, a latte, or a foamy cappucino.  You should try one of our flavor shots next time you come in to get a latte-we have vanilla, hazelnut, or caramel for that extra oomph in your drink. We even have chai lattes! We'll try to draw you a fun picture in the foam, like this yin-yang that one of our girls drew for the manager's morning latte:

So come in and try our hot beverages- but remember to enjoy it with your favorite cupcake (or cupcakes!).

stay sweet,

my little cupcake

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