Thursday, July 9, 2009

4th of july cupcakes in the williston observer!

Observer photo by Stephen Mease
"Melissa Lefcourt, 8, enjoys a pre-parade patriotic cupcake from Michelle Trudell’s My Little Cupcake booth at the Williston Farmers’ Market."
i was excited to see a photo of my cupcakes in this weeks edition of the williston observer! i'm making a crazy face in the photo, but the little girl looks so sweet :)


  1. woo! awesomeness!

  2. I don't think you're making a crazy face.
    Or maybe you ARE making a crazy face because you might be wearing a crazy expensive Johnny Cupcakes Tshirt??!! I almost bought one on Newbury St. 2 weeks ago, but Dave didn't think it was hot idea to spend that much on a T.
    If I was back in my corporate HR job though, I wouldn't bat an eyelash and buy 2!!
    Love the T, love the little girl and you look adorable.

  3. I get sooo many compliments on that t-shirt, it's crazy. Even from people that have no idea that it's a Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt. I went to Boston about a year ago with my boyfriend because he was taking a class down there. I went to a few cupcake bakeries(Sweet, Kickass Cupcakes, the Cupcake Boutique, and Babycakes. I had to go to Johnny Cupcakes and get the t-shirt, although I must admit, I have never spent that much on a t-shirt before! I really love it though :)