Saturday, July 11, 2009

windy day at the williston farmers' market!

i wish i could say that i had a great day at the williston farmers' market today, but that is not the case! it was so umbrella broke when it turned inside out which, in turn, caused my buttercream to melt because i didn't have the shade from the umbrella. my signs kept blowing over, my tablecloth clips kept coming undone, and when the wind got under my tablecloth, the cake stands would shake back and was sooo stressful. thank you for everyone that came out today in spite of the weather!


  1. I can so relate. The first market we did back in Boston was the South End Open Market about 4 years ago. It was HORRIBLE! A super windy, cold rainy day. My brand new tent got filthy and my tablecloths were stained from the mud. Everything had dirt and grime on it. That's when we said we'd never do a market again. And here I am looking to get into a Farmer's Market. Someone check my head..

  2. I've been lucky because yesterday was the first really bad did downpour once, but with only 10 minutes left, so it didn't ruin the day. I'm hoping that my umbrella can be fixed, but I think it's really broken.

  3. You need to save up your cupcake profits for and "easy up" tent.
    Unfortunately after my horrible experience I let someone else use it and now we have to make a day trip to go get it back. But it was a good thing to have. Just make sure you have heavy weights to attach to the legs or else your tent will blow away.